Are You Ready For A Safer And Cleaner Environment?

SafeTread Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

From application of our best-in-class anti-slip products to staff training in slip prevention, We are proud to be the #1 slip prevention solutions provider for eastern Ontario. Ask us how you can create a SafeTread in your business today!

Deep Clean Services

A restorative Deep Clean is the easiest way to get your business looking like new again! Our Deep Clean Services completely restore your establishment to like new with our state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

Commercial Detailing Services

Are you in need of daily or weekly cleaning for your business? Look no further than our Commercial Detailing Services! Our Commercial Detailing Technicians deliver a Legendary Cleaning Experience through customer and cleaning service excellence, every time.

Keep It Clean! Consulting

We provide education, training and solutions tailored to your unique needs. Together, we build a custom cleaning program catered to the unique operations of your business. Ask us how we can help your business today!

Amazing Service & Reliable Staff

We Are Cleaning Professionals

Safe & Clean Solutions was founded with one core value: To provide safer and cleaner environments for all. It all started with SafeTread, our best-in-class anti-slip treatment service. From there we have grown into the full provider for all things Safe & Clean that exists today.

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Our Culture

What makes a business great? Great people. We are proud to have a diverse team and to consider inclusiveness in all things we do. We support our team members through industry leading wages and strong performance based incentives. We take pride in offering opportunities for continued education and promotion to our team members.

Remove Years Of Buildup

Our Deep Clean Services completely restore your business by pairing premier cleaning equipment with eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. A restorative Deep Clean removes years of built up dirt, grime, and debris. With impeccable attention to detail our Deep Clean Technician will make your business look like new again!